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Providing Professional Construction Cleaning Services at Reasonable Rates

If you are based in Las Vegas, NV and looking for a professional construction cleaning service provider, look no further than Garmir Solutions LLC. We have been in business for a decade and have a track record of providing quality janitorial service to our clients. We truly care about the cleanliness of your property. Read the information below or call us now!

Our Service Include

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Select our company to clean your house and business property thoroughly as needed. You'll have a clean workspace and living space thanks to our effective cleaning solutions. We'll take care of all the cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting. Our specialists will pay more attention to the entire property, including hard-to-reach areas. Contact us today!
Post-Construction Cleanup

Post-Construction Cleanup

With our post-construction cleaning service, your property will seem to have just been built. We can clean up after construction projects, remodeling projects, and more. We make sure that your newly renovated property is professionally cleaned from top to bottom. Everything is clean and ready when you move in. Give our expert team a call now!
Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

We provide all kinds of office cleaning services, and we can also clean other commercial buildings. Give us a call for both recurring and one-time cleanups, and we'll provide you with various personalized solutions. We will thoroughly clean everything and not cause significant disruptions to the employees. Leave it to us for quality results!
Airbnb Cleaning

Airbnb Cleaning

We are passionate about providing only the finest Airbnb cleaning services, ensuring visitors experience the WOW factor as soon as they arrive at your home. Airbnb cleaning and high-end hospitality services are areas of expertise for our dependable professional cleaners. What are you waiting for? Use our effective Airbnb cleaning services today!
House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Living in a dirty home space can result in allergies, skin infections, and serious respiratory issues, therefore it's important to clean and sanitize your house on a regular basis. So, turn to professionals like us to properly and often clean your home. We have the appropriate cleaning materials, and knowledge to make your home germ-free effectively!
Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

This covers all of your household needs. Anything in your apartment that needs cleaning, we can do. Cleaning mirrors, bathrooms (including the toilet),  countertops, baths, and showers, among other things. The kitchen includes cleaning equipment, a sink, cabinet doors, and other items. We may also dust all the surfaces and rooms. Call us now!

Garmir Solutions LLC
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Clean Like Never Before 

Your home might perhaps be cleaner than ever before! However, this doesn’t imply that you should use all of your might to do it. There is a lot easier way to fix this. After a long day, you don’t have to clean the space yourself if you want excellent janitorial service or regular office cleaning. Calling a specialist business will take a minute, and all your problems will disappear! If you take advantage of our superior cleaning services, you can surely have peace of mind and a well-cleaned indoor environment.

Leave The Mess To Us

Leave your property’s mess in our experienced hands! Do not stress about cleaning every room after work, polishing every surface, and preparing the building for visitors the next day. There’s no need for such a bother, which would be difficult for anybody! You may create the necessary arrangements and maintain a wonderful place that would make everyone envious. Do you understand how to do it? Turn to our experienced janitorial service company and let our staff handle the situation!

Serving Other Locations

Our specialized team primarily serves the Las Vegas, NV community. However, we are also willing to travel to these areas to assist you:

  • Nellis AFB, NV
  • Boulder, NV
  • Blue Diamond, NV
  • Corn Creek, NV
  • Enterprise, NV

Garmir Solutions LLC is the full-service janitorial company that you need! Wouldn’t you want to keep the space clean and presentable if you owned a commercial business and knew how many clients came in and out each day and how many employees you had? We take care of it for everyone in Las Vegas, NV who owns residential and commercial property.

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Focus on the quality

professional cleaning

by Eugene Hunt on Garmir Solutions LLC
Five Stars for This Team

I was worried that the construction work would leave a lot of dirt and dust around the place. But I was wrong. The cleaner did a great job and made my house look new again. I highly recommend their post-construction cleaning service.

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