3 Construction Cleaning Tips You Can Do for Your Newly Constructed Property

Have Your Newly Constructed Property Expertly Clean

Post-construction cleanup can be just as daunting as the construction itself. Whether you have just had a new office block built from the ground up or added an extension to the existing property, there is more to do than just vacuuming. In this article, let’s break down how to do it, what tools to use, and why working with a professional construction cleaning company is the way to go in terms of saving you time, money and getting it done right the first time. Here are 3 cleaning tips you can do for your newly constructed property.

Where to Clean

If you had an entire building built, it makes sense that dust and debris will be found everywhere. However, if you just had an extension added, or maybe work done to fix a section of the office, would you think of post-construction cleanup on a different floor, bathroom, or kitchen? Debris and dust travel at an alarming rate, including on people’s clothing, through air vents, or just in the air in general. To secure that your building is spotless and your staff and clients are impressed with the professional look of the entire building, every area needs attention.

Bathrooms and Showers

Just like the kitchen and common areas, sanitization is paramount in bathroom and shower facilities, especially after construction. Every area, from the shower heads and toilets to the floors, should be thoroughly deep cleaned.

All Interior Spaces

Every office, stairwell, elevator, and anywhere inside the building will need to be cleaned. Aside from regular, routine cleaning, a deeper cleaning is required to ensure all construction dust has been eradicated.

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